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Import of protective equipment 

EthicTrade is the partner to provide you with masks, gowns, gloves and other protective equipment, straight from the manufacturer, right to your doorstep.

EthicTrade is a group of entrepreneurs from different European countries. We built a bridge between China and EU in a moment when our Continent is struck by a lack of medical devices and protective equipment due to the COVID19 outbreak.

We chose “EthicTrade” because we want to fight speculation by providing goods in large quantities at a reasonable price, to provide help where and when it is needed most.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment covers equipment such as masks, protective spectacles and visors, face shields, mouth-nose protection and protective garments. Those are vital with regard to hospitals, patients, field workers, civil protection authorities, particularly when fighting against widespread epidemics such as the COVID-19.

EthicTrade is working closely with manufacturers in Asia to assist European states, institutions and companies to secure the supply they need at a reasonable cost and with timely shipping.

All our equipment is CE and/or FDA certified.

COVID-19 test kit

Thanks to an agreement with one of the leading biotechnology companies in Asia, we have access to large supplies of the genetic batch for COVID19, which enables rapid, massive and cost-efficient screening of the population.

Medical devices

Alongside Personal Protective Equipment, we also have agreements with main US and Chinese manufacturers of ventilators, intensive care beds, patient monitors, infusion pumps, suction systems…
All our products are compliant with the CE regulations and are provided with all the necessary documents.